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We help companies grow by finding new customers, booking more meetings  and maximizing business. We work tailored to each customers needs and also  offer other services such as telephone fitting, telemarketing and market  research.  
We match your business with the right meeting booking partner.

Swedish-speaking Account Manager

Job type: Full time
We are a company that builds SAAS solutions that help make sales, appointment setting, and lead generation easier.

But to also drive in the sales we have our own sales department that handles both leads and appointment setting. You can also experience working with some really amazing Tech products that are unique to our company, built by our in-house developers.

What We Can Offer To You

To help you get started with your sales, our award-winning digital marketing team will give you all the help you need. We believe that the future lies in the combination of competent, driven salespeople and a unique marketing technique to support sales.

We provide:

• Good chances to develop within the company
• A place in our management team
• Further training in product knowledge and leadership
• Fixed base salary + a very good commission

Work for us

We’re on a mission to help companies around the world grow their sales. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping our clients get more customers through better marketing campaigns

For more information on how our sales and marketing team can help grow your business, reach out to us today!